2019 saw the launch of Nwabisa African Art. We embarked on a journey, without knowing where it will take us. Our passion for Africa, her people and the joy of life is what inspires us every day. Working with amazing people and being able to share that with you and the world if a privilege and an honour. This brings us happiness every single day…but the main question is: “Are we Bringing Happiness to you?”

We want to thank everyone who has been, or become part of this journey. Even though we have just only made our very first (baby)steps…we feel they are memorable and want to reflect on them before looking ahead into what 2020 holds.

Last year Nwabisa African Art was officially registered in The Netherlands at the Chamber of Commerce, marking the official start of business.

Our core value is reflected in our name:

Nwabisa means “Bring Happiness”

..and that is exactly what we aim to do.

We aim to bring happiness to:

  • you, in many ways. That you may enjoy lovely art in your life. Be it in your home, your office, as a fashionable item you take with you, or any other way. Art has many expressions and we will keep on adding new ones as we move ahead.
  • the artists we work with so they can share their labour of love with you
  • the local people working for the artists, giving them a job in an area where this is not taken for granted
  • everyone who visits our website or social media channels, by seeing the wonderful art coming out of Africa
  • the world, in way of working with sustainable materials more and more. By offering artwork made out of recycled materials we aim to help make the planet we live in a better place for all.
  • the African environment and wildlife, by donating regularly out of our proceeds

The cooperation with local artists and entrepreneurs really makes a difference. When you buy from Nwabisa African Art, you are helping create jobs in Africa and actually making a difference. You are helping local businesses prosper and thrive. Thank you for making this happen!

We would like thank you first and foremost! By reading this, you have shown interest in Nwabisa African Art and that is the most important thing for us. Having an audience means we are reaching you and hopefully bringing you (some) happiness. Please keep following us and sharing our passion with those around you.

Let’s make 2020 our best year ever! Let’s bring happiness to as many people in Africa as we can!

Thank you from

Team Nwabisa African Art

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