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How can African Art enhance your life?
Here is a quick insight into what we have for you

The elation of beautiful Africa is felt through the art created from the hearts of African artists.

Africa is a continent of great beauty, and joy in the hearts of the people living there. If you have ever visited Africa, I am sure you will know what we mean. Smiles paint the faces of the people and Art is one of the many ways in which they express their joy for life and love for Africa. Our objective is to share this joy and passion with you.

 Let us elate you, fill your heart with the joyfulness and beauty of Africa in different expressions of Art. We hope you visit us regularly to see the updates, and subscribe to our Facebook page to keep up to date. We look forward to your feedback, which you can share with us here:

Enjoy the beauty of Africa, enjoy Nwabisa African Art.

Zebra on Red

Beautiful Paintings by great African Artists can be found on

The “Zebra on a Red” by  Nic van Rensburg is just one of the beautiful paintings in our Gallery and we are very proud to be able to offer this to you. The Zebra has been painted by a very well known and loved South African Artist. 

Please visit the page dedicated to this beautiful creation and learn more about the African Zebra, or go to our Paintings Gallery to see all the amazing paintings we have for you.                       

This beautifully captured, endangered African predator is yet another example of the amazing artwork coming out of Africa. Just imagine this on a wall in your home or office.

The African Wild Dog is highly endangered and if you visit the page we have created around this painting, you will be able to learn a bit more about this amazing animal.

The distinctive style used by the artist here can also been found in other paintings on offer here in our Gallery. We have a beautiful painting with Zebras in Blue, Orange and Gold aswell by the same artist. If you are interested in this beautiful Wild Dog or any other work by this amazing artist…please let us know at and we will contact you directly.

In Cooperation with DEZIREE Finearts from Cape Town, South Africa, we are proud to be able to offer you exclusively in Europe the beautiful line of bags, pillow cases and purses. Visit the dedicated pages to see the whole collection, now available in Europe through Nwabisa African Art.

Enhance your lifestyle with the beauty of Africa.

Not only paintings can be found on…but also other African Art such as there Palm from masks. The masks are fantasy masks painted on Palm frond, which is the part of the Palm leaf which branches off from the tree to spread out into leaves further up. The artist has taken this natural material and in a very creative way turned them into African Masks.

These unique pieces make a wonderful decoration and we are very happy to be able to offer you several different designs, ranging for more traditional African style to a modern style…to suite your own taste.

Please visit our page with Palm Frond masks and see the beautiful designs there for yourself. 

Please remember that we ship worldwide

African Pebble Figures

Other decorative pieces such as these clay figures can also be found on
Here the artist has lovingly depicted African figures on a combined background consisting of wood, cotton and bark. The abstract figures are all handmade, and no two are alike. At his moment we have several different ones to choose from. The artist has also created pendants in the same style, so now you can even take your art with you wherever you go…