African Artists

On the page “African Artists” we want to introduce you to the African artists cooperating with is. On special feature pages you can find more detailed information about every artist. Nwabisa African Art aims to bring you the finest African Art. This means that we are constantly looking for artists to work with in order to expand our portfolio. Key however is that we only work with artist who we believe in and who offer something we support 100%.

The various artists bring along their own typical style and this is what makes them special and why we are happy to have them in our portfolio. Danie Marais works with mixed materials and makes very detailed paintings. Lorna Pauls focusses on water colours which are an entirely different technique.  Nic van Rensburg paints realistic wildlife but with his own take on it. The Zebra on Red is a perfect example of this. Visit the pages featuring the African Artists to learn more about them.

If you are an African Artist interested in working with Nwabisa African art, please contact us on

We would like to receive an overview of your work as to assess and discuss possibilities for cooperation. If you are unsure whether your work would fit in our collection and Gallery, have a look at what we currently offer and contact us.

The signature of Nwabisa African Art is the fact that the art is African, unique, finest quality and special. We aim to support local artists and hope you support our journey and the African Artists we work with.