Letsopa Ceramics

Letsopa Ceramics is a proudly South African, 100% handmade ceramics manufacturer based in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.

The 100% handmade earthenware products are created and molded from clay. In the manufacturing process, only raw materials that are local to South Africa and of a high quality are used. The designs are all unique and original as well as Letsopa offers the client the option to custom make a truly special design for the home, lodge, shop etc.

Letsopa team

Our Story
Lydia Dercksen explains

My love for clay started as just a hobby, 20 years ago. Since then this hobby grew into a factory, employing more than 40 employees,  giving several opportunities for each employee. These unique and beautiful designs and products traveled as far as Australia, Germany, and the United States, just to name a few. I then spread my wings from Limpopo to Gauteng in 2014 and found myself yet again spending time with clay and creating the most amazing designs from a wide variety of objects, colours, people, places, hopes, and dreams, that inspire me. And just like that, I knew it was time to open up another factory, Letsopa Ceramics, to share my passion with the world again. 

Each product I create is made with passion and love, each piece unique, and no two pieces the same. It doesn’t matter how many products we create, or how small the item may be, every product is still hand glazed by me. What is glazing you might ask? Ceramic glazing is the final step in the process. It’s the impervious layer or coating of a vitreous substance which has been fused to a ceramic body through firing.  

Our team was joined by Johan Gibson, a very talented artist. Johan, creates beautiful pieces of art either on clay or on canvas.  We design and create high quality 100% handmade ceramic art, for your Home, Office, Lodge or Shop. We also create corporate gifts. Our original designs are ever-changing, to remain ‘hip and happening’ to accommodate the local and international market.

Nwabisa African Art is happy and proud to work with Letsopa Ceramics

If you are interested in having a special design made just for you, or maybe want a corporate gift please contact us.

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