Porcupine by Justin Mashora.

In this painting Justin Mashora has his own take on this very special creature of the African wilderness.  Justin Mashora  has given the Porcupine beautifully coloured spines which brings the Porcupine to life upon the white canvas background. In the closeup pictures of parts of the painting you get an even more detailed look at the details of this painting. The spinmes look like rainbows on the porcupine’s back. Who knows. maybe  Justin Mashora  was inspired by the Rainbow Nation envisioned by Nelson Mandela, which he wanted South Africa to be.

Whatever the motives were that  Justin Mashora  had when painting this Porcupine, it came out to be an awesome painting which will look good in any home, office or other place where you display it. 

Please note that we have a feature page own the artist, giving you more insight into who he is and what makes him the artist he is. We also have other works from his hadn’t which can also be found on this website and in our Gallery. If you would like to buy this painting, please go to our Gallery shop. No matter where you live, we can arrange to have the painting sent to you, as we ship worldwide.

Closeup look at sections of this painting

Paintings by Justin Mashora
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Porcupine or Cape Porcupine (Hysterix africaeaustralis)

Both the male and female African Porcupines weigh from 18 to 30 kg (about 40 to 60 pounds) and are about two feet long. The African Porcupine is a type of Rodent that has long sharp spines, up to 50cm long, which cover its whole back and can be raised by muscles under the skin.

Although it is similar in appearance to the Echidna it is not closely related. The Echidna, also known as the spiny Anteater, is a type of Monotreme that is covered in stiff, sharp spines mixed with long, coarse hairs. Like the Echidna, the African Porcupine has a browny black coat and paler-coloured spines. The African Porcupine is twice the length of the Echidna (80.0 cm vs 47.5 cm).

African Porcupines are the largest rodent in their region. Females are, on average, about one kilogram heavier than males and both sexes are larger than half a meter long. They are also long-lived for rodents, surviving 12 to 15 years in the wild. These porcupines are covered with flat, bristly hairs and have quills and spines on the posterior back and flanks.

The difference between quills and spines is largely one of length and thickness, with spines up to 50 cm long and quills up to 30 cm long. The white and black crest of spines and quills can be erected at will to make the animal look enormous and threatening. Some spines on the tail are hollow and make a rattling sound when shaken. The very sharp spines and quills come off when touched by a predator or shaken off, but they grow back rapidly. African porcupines also have very long mobile whiskers.

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Painted dog by Justin Mashora 80x120cm
Painted dog
Zebra Pair oil on canvas painting by South African artist Justin Mashora
Zebra Golden blues
African elephant by Justin Mashora oil on c canvas painting
The African elephant
African Wild dog by Justin Mashora
African Wild dog
Colourful Porcupine oil on canvas painting by South African artist Justin Mashora