Bags are an expression of Fashion

Bags are a clear expression of Fashion and are used in many ways. They can be decorative, handy or just simply functional. No matter the reason why, bags are used in many ways and for many purposes.

At Nwabisa African Art we love the way that art can be expressed in so many ways and are happy to be working with some of the best artists in this area. 

On this page we want to give you an impression of the Bags we offer. 

Recyling was never so beautiful

For those who are very conscious about our world and environment (and shouldn’t we all be), you will be thrilled to see that we cooperate with Nick & Nichol’s who have made an art out of recycling car tyre tubes into beautiful bags. 

In our world today so much goes to waste and is thrown away. Now there is a way to be fashionable and environmentally friendly at the same time. These fully Vegan bags are made out of cat tyre tubes and we invite you to visit the dedicated page so you can read the amazing story behind them and how you are helping create jobs, be fashionable and save the planet … all at the same time!

Africa to go...

African Women and African Jungle are two collections brought to you by Whimsical Collection from Cape Town (South Africa).

Deziree Smith is the artist who creates these fascinating pieces of art. Both collections have a line of different bags to offer for all kind of different occasions. Please visit the page about Whimsical Collection to learn more about them. In our shop we offer the bags and are happy to ship worldwide.