The African Elephant

The African Elephant

Majestic, Intelligent, Social and Beautiful

Justin Mashora, the artist who also painted the Wild Dog and Porcupine, painted this beautiful African Elephant. The artist’s impression gives the Eelphant a rainbow of colours just like the Rainbow Nation (South Africa) where the artist lives.

The African Elephant is a unique creature, living in great parts of the African Continent. The Elephants live in families and are believed to have very strong family bonds. They are highly intelligent and sensitive.

Unfortunately poaching has had an enormous impact on  Eelphant populations across Africa. In some African countries civil wars have also had an impact on Elephant populations.

Fortunately there are ever growing areas in Africa where the Elephant is being protected. Game wardens go out daily to seek and capture poachers. Ivory has been banned in large parts of the world. All good measures to help the Elephants survive for future generations to enjoy.

We want to help you enjoy the Majestic African Elephant in the comfort of your home, office or any other place where you would like to have it to admire daily.

Paintings by Justin Mashora
in our Gallery

Currently we have "Painted dog, "Wild dog" and "Zebra Golden Blues" by Justin available in our Gallery.
"The African elephant" and "Porcupine" can be ordered through Nwabisa African Art

If you would like any of these, or maybe something else, contact us to have your own Justin Mashora original painting made.

Painted dog by Justin Mashora 80x120cm
Painted dog
Zebra Pair oil on canvas painting by South African artist Justin Mashora
Zebra Golden blues
African elephant by Justin Mashora oil on c canvas painting
The African elephant
African Wild dog by Justin Mashora
African Wild dog
Colourful Porcupine oil on canvas painting by South African artist Justin Mashora