Zebra on Red

Beautiful painting in three panels by South African artist Nic van Rensburg. This is a majestic piece, which will be an eye-catcher wherever you hang it. The contrast between the red background and the Black and White Zebra makes this painting stand out immediately. Daring as it may be this combination is a true winner.

The Zebra, is found in central and Southern Africa, where they are often observed in heards together with Wildebeest. The purpose of their stripes has many explanations. One of them being that the stripes make it hard for predators to eliminate one animal from the heard. Another explanation is that the black and white help the Zebra keep cool in the African heat as the black and white have contrasting ways of dealing with heat absorption from the sun and thus creating airflow on the skin of the Zebra. 

Whatever the meaning, it is a truly African and truly beautiful animal…celebrated in this truly magnificent painting. An investment and an asset to your home or office.

The size of the painting (complete 3 panels) is 122 x 183 cm.

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Also available in our Gallery by Nic van Rensburg