Giraffe pair

Nwabisa African Art aims to offer you a variety of artists with a variety of techniques and styles. 

Meet Lorna Pauls, a South African Artist who uses watercolours to create the most beautiful Aquarel paintings.

Unlike Oil painting, painting with watercolours is an unforgiving technique. Lorna explained to us that a mistake cannot be altered or covered as is possible with Oil painting. When using Oil paint, the artist can paint over if the outcome is not as was desired. Watercolours however do not allow this. Also the fact that the painting is on paper and not on canvas makes a big difference.

The other challenge is that the painting is built up from light to dark, where the first layers are light and these are then covered with darker colours where desired. As Lorna explained to us, this means you have to think in reverse and have the end painting in mind when you start.

This Giraffe mother and calf is a painting on very high quality aquarel paper, painted in the most beautiful self mixed colours and therefore a unique piece.

We believe this Giraffe mother with Calf is a stunning example of Lorna’s mastery of the watercolour technique.

The Giraffe pair is for sale through Nwabisa African art.

Size: 76 x 56 cm (29,6 x 21,8 inches)

We ship Worldwide 

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