Lorna Pauls

Lorna Pauls with watercolour painting

Nature and its beauty inspires me!

I was raised in White River, a town in close proximity to the Kruger National Park. This is the largest of South Africa’s wildlife sanctuaries and is a world renowned tourist destination. Throughout my childhood, my family and I paid many visits there. It was my family’s romance with the park, and the wildlife which I saw there, in their natural habitat, that has inspired me to become a wildlife artist.

In my earlier years I used oils as a medium and the subjects were either botanical, cultural scenes or portraiture. I found the idea of watercolours and wildlife too daunting to even attempt! That all changed when I saw a completed watercolour by a local artist, Graham Wood. I was intrigued by the use of blank spaces in watercolour. I just had to try it for myself! The challenge was on. I found some reference photographs taken by family members and there was no stopping from there!

My passion grows with every painting I produce. My preferred medium is watercolour and the preferred subject is South African wildlife. As I paint I feel a connectedness to the particular animal. I love to capture the expression in the eyes of the subject and to paint their very essence onto the paper in front of me. I attempt not to detract from the animal I am painting in any way. My philosophy is that “less is more” when painting wildlife.

As with every new artistic medium, watercolour continues to be a growing adventure for me. I strive to paint an art work that captures the simple beauty of nature in order to share, with others, my personal experiences of our natural world.

Nwabisa African Art is proud to work with Lorna.

We hope you love her work as much as we do. If you are interested, you can find a very recent painting by Lorna right here on our Gallery website. The Giraffe Pair is a mother and calf in a very endearing pose. Lorna painted this especially for Nwabisa African Art.

Currently available on Nwabisa African Art

Lioness with cubs aquarel by Lorna Pauls

Other work by Lorna Pauls

As you will have seen by now, Lorna is very talented and has a passion for African Wildlife. Here we would like to show you some other work by Lorna. Although these are not available, we can work with Lorna to create something you like based upon your suggestions or on an earlier piece of work. Please note that she will not duplicate a painting, but can use the idea to create a whole new unique painting just for you.

All the paintings, photos and other works of art are under the artist’s copyright and may not be used without their written permission.