Art @Home

Home is where the art is


Art @Home is where the (he)art is…as art is a way of expressing yourself and making your feel even more at home in your own home. We believe that Art does not only come in paintings or sculpture, but in many forms of expression. This is why we have dedicated a special section to enjoying Art in your living- and / or working spaces. 

Bring Happiness (Nwabisa) applies to every day of your life wherever you are and whatever you do. Relax in your home with the nice pillows in your seats, serve a refreshment on a nice tray…or send somebody you care for a nice card with best wishes.

We offer you many different opportunities to enjoy Africa, its people and Art in your life…no matter the time or place…

Pillow Covers

Pillow covers are a nice way to use art in a very functional manner. Use them in couches in your home, or on garden furniture to liven up your furniture, and your day…


Cards are a wonderful way to share your love of Africa and African Art with those dear to you. Send them for special occasions, or just because you want to let somebody know you are thinking of them and value them…

We also have giftcards which can be used to tag your gifts in an awesome way. No dull plain cards on your gifts, but beautiful African Art. That way the gift is enhanced with a beautiful card which itself will become a keepsake too.

Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are a popular article to have around the house, or to give as a gift. No matter the reason…they are a nice expression of African Art and we are happy to have them in our collection. This allows for a piece of nice art even if you do not wish to spend too much…

Gift Tags

Gift Tags are a very nice way of enhancing any gift.. The Friendly Wildlife at Leisure is not only beautiflul but also very funny and will bring an added amount of joy to the receiver of any gift with such a nice tag attached to it. Look for the set of 6 Gift Tags in our Gallery shop, and brighten up somebody’s day.