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Whimsical Collection out of Cape Town South Africa

Whimsical Collection team

Whimsical Collection is a South African company creating ‘African’ gifts featuring designs painted by Deziree Smith. The collection of prints, magnets, trays, beach bags, cosmetic bags, cards, signed prints, gift tags, placemats and scatter cushions is a celebration of African wildlife. Made in South Africa, the ranges, seasonally new and different, always feature the Big 5 along with the hippo and wild dog so often overlooked. Future ranges will include a wider variety of African wildlife. Each product in the whimsical family has been hand crafted and exclusive.

Nwabisa African Art is happy and proud to be the first to offer the Whimsical Collection in Europe. Now you can acquire your memories of Africa right here in Europe. What is nicer than to prolong the memory of your African adventure with the beautiful products from Whimsical Collection.

Located In Cape Town

Since their launch in August 2013, they’ve expanded their workspace and their team. Whimsical Collection continues to empower local communities and will remain faithful to Africa’s animals as they battle to survive.


WhimsicalCollection on Nwabisa African Art, Man cutting fabric in factory

Purchase with Purpose

Buying a product out of the Whimsical Collection through Nwabisa African Art, means that you are not only buying a beautiful article, but also are you making a difference by creating jobs and supporting local communities in Africa.

Nwabisa means Bring Happiness,
By buying a Whimsical Collection article from Nwabisa, you bring Happiness to yourself as the owner of this beautiful article but also to the local communities for whom this creates jobs....

Here are some of the Whimsical Collection articles we have for you