Lion Pride

Proudly presenting to you, “Lion Pride” by Nic van Rensburg , featuring the King of the African Jungle.

This Lion by Nic van Rensburg is a Majestic piece. The way the lion looks at you is captivating. When visiting Nic van Rensburg  at his home recently, we saw this painting and just had to take it back to Europe for you to offer here in our Gallery. 

In the photo here above you can see the artist, just straight out of his studio, with this awesome painting.

This painting is based upon a photo of a Lion walking straight at the photographer. The manes hide his legs and the white background makes the viewers eyes focus on the lion without any distraction. 

For the paintings, Nic make use of a realistic approach, and uses his exceptional attention to detail to capture the mood and atmosphere of the depicted scene.

As you can see by the paintings we offer, Nic van Rensburg is a very talented artist. On the feature page we have about Nic, you can also see other work from his hand. Not only is he a fantastic painter, he is also a sculptor and has created amazing sculptures.

Other work by Nic available in our Gallery