How can you be fashionable and environmentally friendly at the same time?

How can we be fashionable and still care for the environment at the same time? More and more this is becoming an important question.

How can we be fashionable and environmentally friendly at the same time? More and more this is becoming an important question.

We like to wear nice clothes together with nice accessories, but as we learn more about the impact this has on the environment we must ask ourselves whether what we buy, wear and accessorise is still OK with regards to the environment.

Recyling is becoming an important thing in the fashion industry. In this article for instance the reporter discusses:

“How the fashion industry is helping the world’s rubbish problem”

Car Tyre Tubes

Everyone can play their part in fighting the excess of rubbish in our world. In South Africa for instance there are companies that recycle Car Tyre Tubes into beautiful bags. These bags are not only a great way to recycle “Rubbish” but they are also very fashionable. The combination of the rubber car tyre tube together with beautiful African Fabrics makes for amazing accessories and at the same time help fight the problem of waste in the environment. These bags are 100% Vegan and fit into a responsible lifestyle. At Nwabisa African Art you can find a collection of several different bags made out of car tyre tubes.

Nick&Nichol's Car Tyre Tube bags with yellow fabric
N&N Big Bag 2 Yellow bow front with Slign Bag Yellow front

PET Bottles

PET bottles also are a pest to the environment everywhere in the world. In this article you can read:

“10 Facts about Plastic Pollution you absolutely need to know”

In South Africa there is a company that combines Art with Recyling PET bottles. The bags they make have amazing artwork on them, and at the same time help fight the pollution caused by PET Bottles.

African Woman Shopper Recycled PET collection 4 designs_2
African Woman Shopper Recycled PET collection 4 designs_2

By choosing recycled materials you help reduce the enormous amounts of waste everywhere in the world. In countries with economies that maybe les strong we see that the environment usually is seen as a luxury, a luxury some of the countries cannot afford…simply because they are struggling to get by, let alone take care of the environment. We can help them by making the right choices when we have an option and an alternative…

So…how can we be fashionable and environmentally friendly at the same time? It is all about making choices…and making the right ones…

Will you make the right choice when you buy a bag in future…

Visit Nwabisa African Art and check out all the articles offered there made out of recycled materials and make the right choice next time!

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