Nwabisa means "Bring Happiness"

Nwabisa means Bring Happiness in the Xhosa language. Xhosa is one of the official languages of South Africa. The happiness of beautiful Africa is felt through the art created from the hearts of African artists.

Africa is a continent of great beauty, and joy in the hearts of the people living there. If you have ever visited Africa, I am sure you will know what we mean. Smiles paint the faces of the people and Art is one of the way they express their joy for life and for Africa. 

Our objective is to share this joy and passion with you. Let us elate you, fill your heart with the joy. We hope to share the beauty of Africa with you.  Through different expressions of art all found here on Nwabisa African Art we aim to do this. We sincerely hope you will visit us regularly to see the updates, new artworks and all we have to share with you.

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We hope you enjoy Nwabisa, and look forward to your feedback, which you can share here: info@nwabisa.com

Creating opportunities is also a way to Bring Happiness into the lives of many

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