Nwabisa means
"Bring Happiness"

Nwabisa means Bring Happiness in the Xhosa language. Xhosa is one of the official languages of South Africa. The happiness of beautiful Africa is felt through the art created from the hearts of African artists.

Such as the amazing artists with whom we cooperate. Click on their image to visit the page telling you are about them and their beautiful work. Whether it be paintings, Ceramics, Bags, Palm from masks or any other art form they express themselves by.

Danie Marais on Nwabisa African Art Gallery
Danie Marais
Justin Mashora on Nwabisa African Art Gallery
Justin Mashora
Letsopa Ceramics on Nwabisa African Art Gallery
Letsopa Ceramics
Nic van rensburg on Nwabisa African Art Gallery
Nic van Rensburg
Lorna Pauls on Nwabisa African Art Gallery
Lorna Pauls
Nick & Nichols on Nwabisa African Art Gallery
Nick & Nichol's
WhimsicalCollection on Nwabisa African Art Gallery
Bob bobzin Mnisi on Nwabisa African Art Gallery
Bob bobzin Mnisi

Africa is a continent of great beauty, and joy in the hearts of the people living there. If you have ever visited Africa, I am sure you will know what we mean. Smiles paint the faces of the people and Art is one of the way they express their joy for life and for Africa. 

Our objective is to share this joy and passion with you. Let us elate you, fill your heart with the joy. We hope to share the beauty of Africa with you.  Through different expressions of art all found here on Nwabisa African Art we aim to do this. We sincerely hope you will visit us regularly to see the updates, new artworks and all we have to share with you.

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We hope you enjoy Nwabisa, and look forward to your feedback, which you can share here: info@nwabisa.com

2 children in soweto
Two beautiful, happy children in Soweto
2 Men in Blouberg
Enjoying each other's company in Bloubergstrand

What motivated us to start Nwabisa African Art?

Xandra Frambach from Nwabisa African Art at Nick & Nichol's
Xandra Frambach-Peterse discussing ordering bags at Nick & Nichol's
Xandra Frambach from Nwabisa African Art Boarding a flight in South Africa holding painting
Xandra Frambach from Nwabisa African Art Boarding a flight in South Africa holding painting

The owner (Xandra Frambach-Peterse) and her partner (Frank Frambach) have a long history with Africa, going back to when Frank was born in Zambia and grew up in South Africa.

Our personal connection with Africa is deeply rooted within us. We love the people, the land and the nature of Africa. 

Having gone back to visit Africa regularly, we at one point in time decided that we wanted to share our love for Africa, her people and her arts with the world. We feel there is so much beauty still to be discovered, and so many amazing artists waiting to reach a new audience. 

Not only the fact that we want to share our love for Africa, but also that we want to help the artists we cooperate with to build a sustainable life from their art. 

As we feel that Art has many ways of expression, we are always looking for that special som thing to offer to our audience. That is why our portfolio ranges from Paintings to Ceramics, from Bags to Masks, from Cards you can send to Pillow cases for your home or garden….Art is everywhere and should be enjoyed everywhere.  

Creating opportunities is also a way to Bring Happiness into the lives of many

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