Lioness with cubs

Beautiful watercolor painting Lioness with cubs by South African painter Lorna Pauls is a unique work in watercolor on high quality paper. This painting has the size of 56 x 38 cm.

Look how the cubs interact, Lorna has captured this beautifully. On a page specially dedicated to Lorna Pauls you can read more about her, her background and her work. This gives more insight into who she is and why she paints the way she does. Lorna lives not far from Kruger Wildlife Park in South Africa, where she has access to game in their natural environment.

On the original the watermarks with the name Lorna Pauls do not appear, this is only on this photo.

Lioness with cubs is exclusively available at Nwabisa African Art. Lorna never paints the same painting a second time. So this is a unique piece that deserves a nice spot in your home, office or other place where it will come into its own.

We ship worldwide, please contact us at to discuss shipping to your address. 

Work in progress

Final Painting
The final painting by Lorna Pauls
Lioness with cubs is available in our Gallery shop, click here to see the painting

Other work by Lorna Pauls available in our Gallery

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