Nwabisa African Art is extremely happy and proud to be working with such a talented artist as Danie Marais.

Motherhood is a commissioned piece and made to measure for a client. The idea behind “Motherhood” is to show the love and affection between mother and child. Danie has captured the emotion in an awesome way. The detail in this painting is mind blowing. Danie has a unique technique and the structure in the real painting is not seen in the photo’s on the web page.

Contact us at to see how you too can become the proud owner of a Danie Marais original.

If you have photo’s of wildlife which you would like to have as a starting point for a painting, share them with us and we will work with Danie for you to create a painting that will be a joy for many years to come.

That is what Nwabisa is all about. As you may know, Nwabisa means “Bringing Happiness” and that is exactly what we aim to do. Bring Happiness to you with amazing works of art just like “Motherhood”

We also have a feature page about Danie Marais in which we show you other works of his too so you can see what kind of art he creates. 

Danie at work in his studio in South Africa, near Cape Town.

Paintings by Danie
in our Gallery

Currently we have "Clashing of horns, "Hunting for hope", "Bushbaby Bella", "Motherhood" and "Ballet in brim light" by Danie available in our Gallery.

If you would like something else, contact us to have your own Danie Marais original painting made.

Clashing of Horns by Danie Marais showing Gemsbokke (Oryx) fighting for dominance
C lashing of horns
Hunting for hope by Danie Marais
Hunting for hope
Ballet in Brim light painting of Ostriches dancing in dusk surrounded by dust with sunlight shining through
Ballet in brim light
Bushbaby Bella by Danie Marais
Bushbaby Bella
Motherhood by Danie Marais