New Arrivals

On this page we want to keep you updated of new arrivals and what is coming to Nwabisa African Art.

This will help you to see what is new and visit the page dedicated to it immediately. Just click on the image and we will take you there…

We are happy to work with many great African artists and will share with you what they are creating for us. Please also contact us if you like the style of an artist, but the painting or other artwork may no longe be available. Many artists also work on assignments and we can ask them to create the perfect artwork just for you.

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Clashing of horns
Danie Marais

Hunting for Hope
Danie Marais

Ballet in Brim light
Stofdans teen Skemer
Danie Marais

African woman bags made out of recycled PET bottles
African wildlife bags made out of recycled PET bottles

Shopper Bags
made out of Recycled PET Bottles

Nick & Nichol's -
Collection of Tyre Tube Bags

Nick and Nichols Shoulder Sling bag made out of recycled car tyre tube

Whimsical Collection
Pillows for Home and Garden